How It Works

Families want to work with Gina Miller Consulting, LLC because they know they will receive well-planned services that will help correctly place their child and support their individual needs.  The following services include:

  • Meet with families to understand their goals for their child 
  • Review school records and assessments to ensure they are thorough and complete
  • Correspond with school staff to understand the strategies that have been put in place and identify opportunities to make the placement more effective
  • Observe student at the school site to understand how he or she connects with staff and peers
  • Attend Individualized Education Plan (IEP) and 504 meetings to help bring the parents' perspective to the teams
  • Refer families to outside resources if more testing is required, or if different perspectives are needed
  • Follow up support is provided to families throughout our time together

It can be a challenge to understand all the different aspects of special education and how to ensure your child has a well-rounded education that meets all of their needs.  Gina Miller Consulting, LLC, helps families do just that.  
The process begins with a complimentary 30 minute phone call to discuss and provide background information of the student.  After the initial phone call,  a meeting will be scheduled and through meaningful conversation, Gina will be able to get a better understanding of the child and his or her specific needs as well as the needs of the family.  Also during this first meeting, the family members will sign releases for Gina to speak to all professionals, sign a service contract agreement and provide payment at that time.
After the first meeting, Gina will observe the child as well as correspond with contacts and schools in order to identify options available for the child prior to attending an IEP.  She will also continue to meet with the family, if necessary, to strategize different educational services or placements for their child and make sure the school understands their needs.  
Throughout this process, Gina will be available to attend IEP meetings and do follow up support with the family as needed.