"Gina is a resourceful, dedicated specialist and consummate professional.  She de-mystifies the labyrinth that is the dynamic 504 Plan/IEP/special needs arena. The day Gina became our child's advocate is the day we could finally exhale, knowing a sound plan tailored to our child for academic success was in place." ~ Mary B.

"Gina has been such a miracle for our family. Without her help, guidance and expertise, our son would not have received his long overdue IEP.  Her professional, calm demeanor and amiable personality has helped all of our school meetings run so smoothly.  She has the ability to cut through the awful red-tape with the district and directs the conversations towards the heart of the matter.  I brag and recommend her to all my friends and we are so ever grateful for her." ~ Chris S.

"Gina's diligent approach to securing proper services for our son Evan has been a godsend. In our experience, she has been respectful of the client, the parents, and the professionals involved, leaving all with a winning situation." ~ Tammy R. 


"As a parent with two special needs sons and having worked with an educational consultant previously, I phoned Gina Miller with a generous helping of skepticism.  Gina’s questions and familiarity with special education programs eased my concerns immediately.  Since then Gina has led, listened, guided, and supported us while working diligently to secure academic environments in which my children can learn.  Even when school meeting outcomes have not met Gina’s nor my goals or expectations, her directness and her perceptiveness in assessing situations have been invaluable.  Gina’s skill, knowledge, professionalism, and availability have been a blessing to my children and me.  Since working with Gina I am confident I have done all that I can to ensure my sons are getting the academic services available through the school system.  I so wish I had had Gina working with us years ago." ~ Carol L. 

Our Happy Clients

"I fear to think of where we would be without Gina.  Deciding to work with Gina was without a doubt the best decision we have ever made for our son.  She is so knowledgeable and connected to the system.  Walking into an IEP with her made us feel like we were finally being listened to and we were able to get everything we needed for our son to have the best chance of success.  I highly recommend working with Gina.  She gets results and is a pleasure to work with." ~ Chrissy J-S.

"Having Gina on our team made all the difference.  Her professionalism, in-depth knowledge of the system, and follow-through enabled us to get the placement we wanted for our child.  I would highly recommend her to parents facing difficult transition issues." ~ Melissa M.